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Deportes - La Penya Barcelonista "Prat-Potablava" cambia de sede

The Penya Barcelonista "Prat-Potablava" changes of headquarters

It was founded with big success on 27 September 1994.
Penya Barcelonista Prat - Potablava

Since they did several starts, like the final of the cup of the King in Valencia.

Until it does very little the headquarters was in the Centre Artesà, a stupendous social venue, that during a lot of years loaned us Sin, by which are very thankful.

This year we have seen us obliged to leave this venue, by what the crag has been about to to close, but thanks to the assembly that approved with absolute majority, decided take a new venue in the Street Centre, 42.

I have to thank all the members of the joint by the endeavour that have made and especially to all the partners that thanks to them the crag has a social venue. This foreseen the inauguration for last of January. In our venue the partners will be able to enjoy of board games, see all the football matchs of the Barça and do starts in coach, already are confirmed the starts for the party of Saragossa and of the Bilbao.

A cordial greeting,

José Piñero
President of the Penya Barcelonista Prat-Potablava

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