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Entrevistas - Fran Martín

Fran Martín

Prize Ciutat of the Prat and Seleccionador national of taekwondo
Entrevista a Fran Martin Seleccionador nacional de Taekwondo para los JJOO de Londres
It finishes to receive the Prize “Ciutat of the Prat” by his brilliant path in the world of the taekwondo; in 2008 it was pregonero of the “Main Party and is an usual of the awards that hand in the “Nit of l'Esport”. In this 2012 fulfils 50 years and could not celebrate it of better way. Besides, it will be the seleccionador national of the squad of taekwondo in the JJOO of London. Already it was in Seoul, Athens or Peking.

You seat you recognised, can say that you are prophet in your earth?
Yes, I seat me recognised and wanted by the people of The Prat. I was born in Huelva, although I arrived with 10 añitos, because here it lived a mine uncle and came him to visit during the holidays. I was asmático and seated me very well this climate. So my father asked the transfer of the Philips and install us in The Prat. I seat me very to taste in this city, know to a lot of people, they know me to me, and go by the street is a pleasure, all the world hails me.

You were a good student in gymnastics, already aimed ways?
I went to the school Princes of Spain, and already threw me the sport, yes. We played to football, that was the most popular sport, clear… always were in the street. But to the taekwondo interested me in a gymnasium of the National Police in the street Mexico. My mother worked in the Plaça Espanya,  I accompanied it, remained me seeing coach to the sportsmen, and I same tried to practise it. At the beginning they did not leave me, because in those years asked you a certificate of Penal to practise this sport, had to show that you were not a violent person.

But then the taekwondo was a practically unknown sport. It was difficult to initiate in him?
It was practically impossible! There were not gymnasiums where coach.  With some friends like Jesús Benito and Luis Rojano begin of a totally self-taught form, were very interested. We practised in the beach, or in the terrace of house. Even we recorded us with a camera of Súper 8 that had one of these friends. We imitated the films of Bruce Lee, but did not know the rules, then there was not Internet and all was more complicated…

We know the path of Fran Martín like trainer, but is less known your history like sportsman, that also was successful.
I was Champion of Spain with 18 years, and won five consecutive championships.  The city council had yielded us the polideportivo of the Sagnier to go coaching.  A trainer of Amposta dictated us by telephone the routines of coaching, were the “conejillos of Indians”. At the same time that we prepared us for the championships gave classes to boys in different gymnasiums, like the Vine or Álex.

And in which moment your passion turns into your profession?
I had worked of a lot of things, because my father fell ailing when I was jovencito and had to contribute money home. I did of labourer of bricklayer, of administrative auxiliary, of yesero… also gave classes in these gymnasiums that commented before. But the become trainer gave it when had an injury of knee in 1984. Then I checked that it was not to 100% to follow competing, and the Championship of the World of 1985 was the last like sportsman. I had begun INEF, with the examination of main of 25 years. Still they are missing me some subjects! From here I devoted me to be trainer, first in the gymnasium Vine. Afterwards I mounted my own gymnasium, first in the Avenue Montserrat and later here, in the street Jaume Casanovas, when Vine jubiló and yielded me the venue.

You have coached to big names of the taekwondo Spanish. You are prouder of his attainments or of which achieved you when you competed?
I seat me very proud of what have attained sporty like José Santolaria, that won a medal in Barcelona'92 or Sandra Martín, that was Champion of Europe… Gives a lot of more satisfaction see them compete that what I could do in his moment.

Which type of trainer are, style Mourinho or of the school Guardiola?
I have a mix. I am not Mourinho in the sense of the gestures and all this that he does. I am more cabal, no so visceral. But when you coach to people no all the world reacts the same. Sometimes you have to shout, know impose you. But there are other youngsters to which, if you shout, sink them. It is necessary to have psychology, can not treat to all by equal. And when you compete to international level and raisins long with a sportsman have to be his father, his fellow, his pal…everything! And know him, of course.  A yours word to destiempo can do that this person lose. You have to measure a lot of what say him.
What deport likes you practise when you are out of the gymnasium, or see by television?
It likes me a lot the golf. I interested me because I worked of caddy in the Real Club of Golf of The Prat. I am federado, and from time to time remain with the friends to do some holes. It is a very complicated sport that sticks. In the television see all the sport that can. Now, more football, and in direct, because my son plays with l'Escola Prat Blaugrana, and go to see his parties.

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