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Entrevistas - Guillem Alias Corral

Guillem Alias Farmyard

It considers "follonero" and demanding achieve same.
Guillem Alias Farmyard is another of the faces known of The Prat. It has devoted his life to the commercial direction in companies of diet, went vice-president of l'Esplai of the Caixa, Adviser of The Gent Big of l'Ajuntament, Co-presenter of the program of radio Nova Life and cofounder of the magazine Viure Més. It considers a person “follonera” and too demanding achieve same. It is a passionate of the journalism, the computing and Internet. To his 74 years also is in Facebook.

How it remembers his go through The Prat Irradiate?
We were two years with the Program Nova life. It was a pioneering program because we did it among the main people of The Prat. I abandoned the project because only we had of 30 minutes by program. Always I have been a person of cycles.
What thinks of the evolution of the journalism with the new technologies?
The journalism in general has worsened. The technological advances are good as long as we dominate them. A thing that outrages me of Internet are the orthographical faults.
It maintains his fans by the computing?
Yes. In l'Esplai of La Caixa gave classes of computing to groups but darse that no all the world learnt to the same speed. Now I give personalised classes and teach from creating an account of post until reading to the main newspapers by Internet.
It was in the starts of Ciutadans pel Canvi, Why did not follow?
I began because had the feeling that the politicians lived of backs to the village. In The Prat have accommodated us and think that a change would come very well. I left the politics because I found me with people that wanted to promote before that struggle for improving the things.
It feels to taste in the days of Main Party?
With the years think that The Prat is losing identity and in the Main Party is even more evident. The city has grown and the habits of the neighbourhoods have gone losing. It would like me can live a Main Party with concerts and activities made by the people of The Prat and no so much artist mediático.
Guillem Alias Farmyard és an altra of them cares conegudes of the Prat. It has dedicat the seva life to the direcció commercial in empreses d'alimentació. També Has estat vicepresident of l'Esplai of the Caixa, conseller of the Consell Municipal of the Gent Big of l'Ajuntament, copresentador of the program of ràdio Nova life i cofounder of the magazine Viure més. It is it considers a person “follonera” i massa exigent amb if mateix. És An apassionat of the periodisme, the informàtica i Internet. Amb 74 anys, també és to Facebook.
Com recorda The seu pas per The Prat Ràdio?
Vaig Be two anys amb the program Nova life, a program pioner that fèiem the gent big of the Prat. Vaig Abandon the projecte perquè només disposàvem of 30 minuts per program. Sempre Have estat a person of cicles.

Què Thinks of l'evolució of the periodisme amb them noves tecnologies?
The periodisme in general has empitjorat. Els avenços tecnològics són bons sempre That els dominem. A thing that m'unworthy d'Internet són are missing them ortogràfiques.
Manté The seva afició per the informàtica?
Yes. To l'Esplai of the Caixa fèiem classes d'informàtica per to grups, però em vaig adonar that no tothom aprenia amb the mateixa velocitat. It ploughs faig classes personalitzades i ensenyo give of to create a compte of correu fins to llegir els principals diaris per Internet.
It goes to be in els inicis of Ciutadans pel Canvi, per què does not go to continue?
Vaig començar perquè vaig tenir The sensació that els polítics vivien d'esquena to the poble. To the Prat ens hem acomodat i crec that a canvi aniria molt bé. Vaig deixar The politics perquè em vaig trobar amb gent that volia promote- abans that lluitar per millorar sew them.

sent Of gust in els dies of Festa Major?
Amb els anys crec That the Prat està perdent identitat i per the Festa Major és encara més evident. The ciutat has crescut i els costums dels barris s'have anat perdent. M'agradaria can viure a Festa Major amb concerts i activitats fets per the gent of the Prat i no per tant artist mediàtic.
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