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Entrevistas - José David Muñoz

José David Muñoz

... Of editor to narrator of the ascent to Second division
Antonio Pedrero

José David Muñoz forms part The Prat Irradiate from the same day in that it inaugurated . In some years has spent of editor on foot of field in the transmissions of the parties of the AE Prat to be the narrator that moved to all the city the ascent of the squad pratenc to Second division B..

What says you this date and this hour: 27 May of the 2012 to the 12:00
This day to this hour was missing a minute so that Óscar Sierra, player of the AE Prat, marked a goal of fault to the Sanluqueño in the party that supposed the ascent of the squad of the city to Second B.

How many years had spent from your starts in the radio until this moment?
Eleven years. My starts were collaborating in Ràdio Gràcia where arrived of the hand of Jaume Monés. From here I spent to The Prat Irradiate that it went to begin his emissions this same year. Work free for working free, decided that it was better to do it in my city and incorporated me to the squad of The Prat Irradiate.

You began broadcasting the parties of the AE Prat
No. My starts were following to the Youth Prat and to the juvenile squad of the Escola Prat Blaugrana. That was one of the best years that have lived in the local football and in which it was about to to ascend to Division of Honour. When Jaume Monés left free the place of narrator offered it to me to me and since do the transmission of all the parties of the AE Prat.

You have lived moments very important beside the squad, until the point in that the same trainer took you out to the balcony of the Ajuntament the day that celebrated the ascent to Second B.
I have seen to the AE Prat in First Catalan, Third and Second B. I am conscious that I am living and transmitting a moment historical no only of the AE Prat but of the local sport. It surprised me that Agustín Cows took me out to the balcony and looked me a very beautiful detail and that appreciate a lot of.

How it is your relation with the squad in the day in day out, in the scrollings?
I coexist and travel with the squad and with the technical body and establishes a very narrow relation in which I seat me part of this group. Sometimes this poses problems to the hour to exert like journalist. Until where you can be critical with people with which coexist so closely and that know that they do not live of this and that they have to paginate the football with his works? At the same time you have to maintain some distance like journalist and this balance is complicated. In any case finish valuing more than are not professional, that are people that commit, as all, errors and that it is necessary to lean with force to the squad.

Although this suppose, partly, renounce to some part of objectivity.
Claro that yes. From the moment in that you are in The Prat Irradiate and are of The Prat, want that they win all the squads of the city.

Constantly you do reference to the words instrument and group...
One of my basic principles is that for our work was is indispensable the work in squad. The squad always is above the people. In The Prat Esports are a squad of almost fifteen people

You were a time working in Lleida for the Chain Be.
Yes. I was for a scholarship of summer and remained me two years and half. There I had a very demanding boss that taught me among other a lot of things that the journalism does in the street. In Lleida could have, for example, the statement in scoop of a man that had been the only witness of a murder tricking the cord of security, above the walls jumping me the tapes of the police. I convinced him that it only went to exit his voice. Hour 14, the informative national of the Chain Be opened with the cut that I achieved.

And of Lleida to The Prat Irradiate and of here to direct and present Planet Prat Which was your aim when putting you at the head of the fuselage insignia of The Prat Irradiate?
I wanted to give him voice to the people of the street, that the radio was a reflection of what spends in the city; why there are streets cut and which works are doing in the door of the house of any pratense. That the radio was a public service and of vicinity.

Part of this purpose achieve it with your sections of direct contact with the commercial tissue: Connection with the bars to first hour, section of recipes and suggestions of the stops of the municipal markets and closing of the program with what has said in the hair salons.
Claro. In these forums is where palpa the reality and the actuality that affects directly to the people. Of what speaks in the hair salons, how and why vary the prices in the municipal markets, which products recommend us the traders. I irradiate of vicinity. When I do the program, want that all what tale understand it my grandmother. If I achieve it, it means that I have arrived to a very big number of people and that the information has been effective. All this fact with the maximum journalistic rigour.

This has to suppose a big responsibility.
Yes. Although it look a commonplace, a journalist cost more by what calla that by what says. It gladdens me a lot when somebody says me that it has gone in in a tent and had put The Prat Irradiate. Every time it is more usual. This means that we are working in the good line. But also it adds me a responsibility and a commitment.

What do for desconectarte of so much trajín?
My big fans is the ornithology. If have a pair of free hours, go me to the Espais Naturals of the Delta and there devote me to observe and photograph birds. That is my passion. If it touched me the Primitive, would go me to a trip of a year around the world only to see birds.

Journalist, politólogo, big conversador, popular character, appreciated and valued in The Prat. That is José David Muñoz, the one who thrills us with his transmissions, informs us and entertains each day and wishes us that we are very happy each day from his Planet Prat. A person and a pratense as there are few.
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