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Entrevistas - Marta Mayordomo

Marta Majordomo

New councillor of Trade and Tourism
Entrevistas Marta Mayordomo

Marta Majordomo, is 33 years old, was born in The Prat, studied in the Baldiri Guilera and in the University of Barcelona, is diplomada in statistics. In the anterior term of office was the councillor of Public Health and Consumption and in this term of office is councillor of trade and tourism.

How and when you decided you by the politics?
It knew to several militant people in the socialist party and in the 2003 began to collaborate with them of disinterested way, to the little time I also was a member of the party, but was a no looked for evolution my ideas were very resembled the ones of them, when they arrived the elections of the 2007, I worked in the private field and proposed me go in the electoral lists.

That fué what did you decidite ?
I accepted this challenge, because I think that the people have to involve in the politics to improve the things, and I wanted to do of my city, a better city.

How it has been the change to spend of health to the trade?
To my like me the challenges, likes me a lot learn, always am doing courses, and the fact to change of wallet obliges to have to begin of zero, has been a motivation and attempt be to the height.

Some recipe to improve the health of the trade?
A lot of work, a lot of recycling and innovation, the trade that worked twenty years ago can not follow with the same formulas and has to adapt to the needs of the new times, right now there is a situation that is complicated. Along the year make diverse courses to form to the traders and campaigns of dinamización. Also we collaborate economically subsidising the activities of dinamización that carry out the own entities of traders.

Have understood that have studied Japanese...
If, (smile) the past year did the first course of Japanese in the official school of languages, but this year with the change of regiduría has complicated me the schedules and have had to renounce to the matrícula.

You understand Chinese?
Say three words
The traders neither understand to the Chineses, ask how can maintain  the biggest venues in the most expensive zones
The reality is that to all the traders demands them exactly the same, there are not differences in taxes, speaks a lot that the immigrants during the first years do not have to pay some type of taxes, but this is not true, all the trades have the same obligations and rights to the hour to initiate a business. If that it is true that there are communities very joined, and among them help and has a lot of support and can have a better financing.

And the inspections?
They do exactly the same to any trade, was of the nationality that was.

And they fulfil the same?
In the same percentage that in businesses regentados by autochthonous people and the incidences and sanctions also are in the same proportion

They fulfil the commercial schedules?
It exists a rule that regulates them (law of commercial schedules),that perhaps no all the world knows, but that allows that any establishment of less than 150 m2 that sell products of first need can open in any schedule and any day now of the week.

What offers The Prat to the tourism?
A lot of more things of which think. The Prat is the big stranger, even for Barcelona and near populations, and all the one who visits us remains surprised. We have to be able to give to know that to twenty minutes of Barcelona exists a space where enjoy of the nature and a perfect place for the tourism ornitológico, for example, and that besides in the population have of a gastronomy differentiated based in own products.

What can say of our gastronomy?
The Prat offers a product of quality and autochthonous, have an agricultural park in which they give the best conditions to have a type of product agroalimentario that do not give in other parts and this repercute in the quality of this product.

The Potablava consumes only in fira avícola?
Luckily we have a series of local restorers that are involved in the subject and with many win to promote this autochthonous product, no only the product of the agricultural park but also the product potablava.

What say me of the beach?
Have a stupendous beach, with services, very conditioned and with a water of very good quality. By these motives have conceded us blue flag this year. In spite of this, do not have a profile of tourism of beach. Ours, is a familiar and calm beach, and do not have to explode it until the limit of the overcrowding.
I remain me with the curiosity of the colour of your peel
To me always it has liked me change of colour, just before going in in the city council had dyed it to me in red, liked me as it remained me, and the people began to identify me with this colour and since have not seen reason to change it.
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