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Entrevistas - Rose Avalon

Rose Avalon

If there is a word that define to Rose Avalon is polifacética.
Leading actress in “Pactar with the Cat”, Prime Opera of the director pratenc Joan Marimón and recognised with numerous nominations to different prizes. Actress-singer in the collective show Paraula of Gifts.

Student of piano and of violin. Composer and interpreter of a disk in preparation of next launching. Author of “Nocturne for Violin”, a novel with international projection that goes by the third edition. Besides it is working in the second part…And all this before fulfilling 30 years.
There is not doubt that Rose Avalon is a name to remember and of the that will hear to speak sooner that late.

Why Rose Avalon?
It is a name based in the Celtic tradition, more specifically in Avalon, that in the celtic mythology is an island where reside the fairies and in which the trees give sweet fruits during all the year. I am of The Prat, totally Pota Blava, but have my origins in the north of Spain, among Asturias and Galicia. From here that have this culture céltica of mediaeval origin very internalised.

You are actress and starred “Pactar with the Cat” How was the experience?
Pactar With the Cat (2007) is a film directed by Joan Marimón and produced by Fermí Marimón (owner of the Cinema Capri, producer and director of cinema) My mates of distribution were Alberto Jiménez, Pau Rock, Belén Fabra and Edu Soto among others. I collaborate with Joan Marimón from the proclamation of the Main Party of the 2004. Wine to a day of open doors of the school where I studied Interpretation and there decided that I would be the protagonist of his film.

What such the experience to work with figures already consecrated?
Unforgettable. I was the actress more inexperta of the distribution, because it still was studying. A shooting like this are some months that fill your life, in which you share your day in day out with the mates and in which they finish turning into your second family. This causes that when you finish the shooting, feel an empty very big, because the bond that creates with the convivencia daily is very strong.

In addition to cinema are linked to a project of theatre, Paraula of Gifts, in which you sing.
Yes. I incorporated me to Paraula of Gifts the past year. It is a collective project coordinated by María Donoso. In addition to singing touch the piano and the violin

You touch the violin as a result of your novel or the violin served you of inspiration for your novel?
The violin always has been my favourite instrument. Always I have felt a big respect by him. It saw it an instrument inalcanzable, impossible. My novel is inspired by a violinist and in the Nocturne for Violin and Piano of Chopin. Animated by my adoptive grandfather, Fermí Miramón, began to take classes in Joined it Filharmònica and have gone him losing the fear.

As since we are speaking of your novel “Nocturne for Violin” explain us something on her.
It is a novel vampírica that already goes by the third edition. In fact already I am working in the second part, animated especially, by the requests of my readers. The novel treats of a youngster that remains alone in the world and that as a result of an inheritance that receives, discovers that the past of his family is not the one who she believed to know. The question that poses in my novel is, what would spend if a day when waking up discovered that somebody of your family is not what looks to be?

And from here…
We discover mysterious characters. Although it was acclimatised in the current period, do a route by the History; the War of the One hundred years, the construction of the Cathedral of Barcelona and his surroundings, that is where lives the leading. The Barri Gòtic  is one of mislugares favourite, by the atmosphere that breathes , the narrow streets, the history that mana of his walls.

The Saga Dusk, True Blood, Underworld… To what attribute the current peak of the vampires?
The vampires are not a fashion. They are beings that go in inside the Gothic culture. This yes, thanks to the big impact of the Saga Dusk have taken actuality. Anyway, in “Nocturne for Violin” I develop a theory about the origin of the vampires in key more realistic, from a scientific point of view.

You think that a history of vampires could acclimatise   in The Prat?
Yes. The vampires do not have why be of far or odd places. Definitively yes, The Prat could be the stage of a history of vampires.

Already finally, where we can follow your career so much discográfica like literary?
We are working in the web page from where will go informing of the next editions of “Nocturne for Violin”, how purchase it on-line road and of the progress of the second part. The web also will facilitate his distribution in the American market, since there is public interested, especially in Mexico. Also we will inform of the new disk that am recording with Nowhere Music. We count also with a page in Facebook (Art Rose Avalon) and clicando in likes Me will be able to have of information and interaction in real time.

We leave to Rose with his inseparable Yolanda wishing them the elder of the successes and with the certainty that so much work and so much obstinacy will see recompensados without any doubt.
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