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Información varia - El loro de My School en la tele

The parrot of My School in the TV

It does some ten years, that this academy of English has a parrot in one of the classes, his director comments us that perhaps it is not the most adapted place for him, but the parrot arrived to them by chance, apparently lost of his
Owners and went in by ones of the windows of class, was in very bad state, but little by little went recovering and since, Gelni as like this they called him, is one more in the académia.
The surprising is the ease with that learns words, a normal parrot can learn some 200 words, but during these years, the boys when exiting of class have amused teaching him new words, already have him contabilizado more than 4000 words.

Gelni, can maintain conversations so much in English, Catalan or Spanish, answers with surprising sentences learnt to the letter, imitates very well any type of sound, lately learnt the tone of the telephone of one of the professors, and east asked pardon by have not turned off the mobile.

Such is the success of the parrot Gelni that next Wednesday day 28 will be able to see it in the program People of TVE that will issue to the 18:50 h

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