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Información varia - Dia del Client

Dia Of the Client

Sorteig Of targetes of Prat Big Comerc valorades in 100 € cadascuna in els comerços associats.
Promocio vàlida fins To 5-1-2012
Información varia - Campaña día de la Madre

Campaign day of the Mother

For the day of the mother, all the people that use the card Prat Big Comerç in the trades associated, will have the opportunity to participate in the draw of free vouchers to use in services of aesthetics. A gift that deserve you!
The promotion will finalise the day 6 May, and the draw will make in direct the day 23 May in the program Planet Prat of The Prat Ràdio, 91.6 FM.
Información varia - Premiados Campaña del día del Padre

Rewarded Campaign of the day of the Father

With motive of the day of the father, in all the trades associated to Prat Big Comerç is making the campaign "Buys Prat, hi sortiràs guanyant"
When you make a purchase fills up your data in the ticket and the purchase that make can exit you free.
The draw of the rewarded/ace will make the day 3 April, those that more shopping do in the trades associated more possibilities will have.
Información varia - Fora Stock

Fora Stock

The past 10 and 11 March of the 2012, in the Square Pau Casals made the fira of the Rebaixa on the Rebaixa, a lot of trades of our population exited to the street to offer products like clothes, footwear, art, etc. to prices very recessed.
Información varia - Accions formatives adreçades a treballadors, treballadores i gerents de les empreses de comerç local

Accions formatives adreçades To treballadors, treballadores i gerents of them empreses of comerç local

You give of l'Àrea of Promoció Econòmica, Comerç i Turisme of l'Ajuntament of the Prat of Llobregat, hem programat pel month of maig of 2012 them següents accions formatives adreçades to treballadors, treballadores i gerents of them empreses of comerç local:
Información varia - Concurs d'aparadorisme

Concurs d'aparadorisme

The cinquè Concurs d'Aparadors of the Prat, convocat an any més pel Consell Municipal of Comerç, has comptat enguany amb the participació of 29 botigues.
Información varia - El loro de My School en la tele

The parrot of My School in the TV

It does some ten years, that this academy of English has a parrot in one of the classes, his director comments us that perhaps it is not the most adapted place for him, but the parrot arrived to them by chance, apparently lost of his
Owners and went in by ones of the windows of class, was in very bad state, but little by little went recovering and since, Gelni as like this they called him, is one more in the académia.
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