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Música - Lo Llobregat de Les Flors

It Llobregat Of Them Flors

The debut of the childish choral està each cop més to prop.
Música - Mireia Cruz

Mireia Cruz

Soft chords of guitar accompanied of an also soft voice, sweet.
Música - Make-d


Capacity of synthesis and versatility
Música - Cristian Ramos

Cristian Bouquets

The professor of hip hop and funky Cristian Bouquets of the Gymnasium iGym Salut i Benestar of our city has been selected to participate in the famous television program FAME REVOLUTION.
Música - Sittar Green

Sittar Green

From the traditional celtic to the Arab and from the funk to the bossa, going through the classical of the reggae!! 3% T.To.And. The three first months and 6% the rest of your life... Your Band... And each day the one of more people.

Música - Universo acelerado

Universe accelerated

They launch to the digital market his first work in studio “A start”, produced and car edited by them same.

Música - DeDondeSon


It is very difficult to label us, likes us vary and try distinct sounds, reggae, sauce, candombe, ska, bosanova... Everything fits in this ensaladilla Russian multicultural that is DeDondeSon.


This Chirigota Pratense is born three years ago in the Artisan.
Música - Buenmojo


Buenmojo Is an excuse, Cristian is the name of baptismo, but from the sixteen years has hid behind a lot of impossible names, the ones of his bands and his projects in solitary.
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